Infection Prevention and Control

We place a very strong emphasis on infection control at the St. Luke’s CF Center of Idaho, and follow the recommendations of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All of our team members wash their hands before you are called back for your clinic visit. The team will put a cover gown and mask on before entering your examination room. Gloves will be worn with patient contact.

Upon leaving the room the team member will remove their gown and gloves and either wash their hands with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizers. Staff use antimicrobial wipes to clean rooms between each patient.

To further control infection, you will need to wear a mask while in the waiting room. You will need to be 6 feet between patients. There are infection control supply towers throughout the building and at registration. You need to have masks when you go to the hospital to have labs, medical imaging or any procedure done.

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Simplified Cystic Fibrosis Infection Control Guidelines

  1. Help monitor use, advocate for yourself and family members and help guide staff on infection control guidelines throughout medical setting.
  2. Work with medical facilities to be sure infection prevention is being used.
  3. Use contact precautions (gown & gloves) when caring for those with CF.
  4. Separate all people with CF at least 6 feet from each other.
  5. All people with and without CF need to do proper hand hygiene (with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub).
  6. All people with CF should wear a mask while in a healthcare setting to reduce risk of spreading or gaining of bugs.
  7. Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) must be done by one of the following:
    – In the beginning of the clinic visit to allow 30 minutes between patients
    – In a negative pressure room
    – In a PFT lab with high-efficiency HEPA filters
    – In a PFT lab without HEPA filters, allowing 30 minutes between CF patients
  8. Updated recommendations for care of nebulizers in the hospital
  9. Only 1 person with CF may attend a CF Foundation sponsored indoor event.

The infection control guidelines we follow are available on this website, or at

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