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Due to process changes within St. Lukes it will now take longer to place orders and refill medications. If a prior authorization is needed, please allow up to 10 working days. If you have questions please contact the CF center @ 208-381-7092.

We are MOVING!

We wanted to have our own space to allow for more availability to patients. We will have more days and times available and parking on site for patients.The Center will be moving out of the Children’s specialty center into our own building. We will start seeing patients in the new building September 4, 2018.

608/610 (two buildings connected) W Hays Street Boise, ID 83702. 608 is office space for staff and 610 is the clinic space.

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A reminder to submit your question by January 31:

CF Community Members,

Where do you wish CF research would go next?  What information from the CF Foundation Patient Registry do you wish you knew?  What CF trends are you, your colleagues and your patients and families wanting to know more about?

All CF community members are invited to participate in the new CF Foundation initiative, “Insight CF.”  CF clinicians, researchers, patients, and families are encouraged to submit questions to help drive a research agenda.  Questions will be collected and then voted on by the CF community.  The CF Foundation will then assemble a multidisciplinary research team to develop a study design and analysis plan to address the top questions.  Although the project prefers questions that can be answered using data from the CF Foundation Patient Registry, all questions are welcome!

Submit your question here:

Please consider forwarding this message to your colleagues, patients, and families.  Help us collect research questions from everyone in our community!

Thank you in advance for your time to reply to our request.

Breck Gamel
Chair of the Patient and Family Research Advisory Committee

My 7 year old son suffers from the life-shortening genetic disease, cystic fibrosis. Here is his story: And here’s how you can help:

The St. Luke’s Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Center of Idaho has been serving patients and families in Idaho and surrounding states for over 14 years. The St. Luke’s Cystic Fibrosis Center of Idaho is fully accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to care for pediatric and adult patients.

The St. Luke’s CF Center of Idaho is an outpatient clinic of St. Luke’s Health Systems, and is located in the Children’s Specialty Center on St. Luke’s Boise campus.

We place a very strong emphasis on infection control at the St. Luke’s CF Center of Idaho, and follow the recommendations of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All of our team members wash their hands before you are called back for your clinic visit. The team will put a cover gown and mask on before entering your examination room. Gloves will be worn with patient contact.

Upon leaving the room the team member will remove their gown and gloves and either wash their hands with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizers. Staff use antimicrobial wipes to clean rooms between each patient.

To further control infection, you will need to wear a mask while in the waiting room. You will need to be 6 feet between patients. There are infection control supply towers throughout the building and at registration. You need to have masks when you go to the hospital to have labs, medical imaging or any procedure done.

The infection control guidelines we follow are available on this website.

Did you know?

The clinic is moving locations this summer. Stay tuned for more information!

Did you know?

We hold monthly meetings during the school year with our Patient and Family Advisory Board (PFAB). We work on issues and ways to improve CF patient care in the clinic and in the hospital

Testing for CF

Diagnosing CF is a multistep process. A complete diagnostic evaluation should include a newborn screening, a sweat chloride test, a genetic or carrier test and a clinical evaluation at a CF Foundation – accredited care center.

Did you know?

Our center puts on free education days every other year to help educate hospital staff and anyone in the community about CF

Did you know?

Our center is moving locations in the spring of 2018! Stay tuned…

Did you know?

Many Cystic Fibrosis patients and families face complicated issues related to getting the care they need. But CF Foundation Compass, a service formerly known as PARC, makes sure no one has to do it alone.

Did you know?

For the first time, adults outnumber children in the CF Registry.  50.7% of people in the registry are over the age of 18.

Did you know?

We have a Facebook page, too!

Did you know?

Idaho is now screening for a handful of CF mutations on the newborn screening.

Did you know?

You can have your picture scrolling at the top! Just e-mail one you would like us to add and sign a photo release form

Did you know?

Patient education nutrition recipes: add: For more recipes, check out our Facebook page

What to expect

Each person with CF is seen by physicians and staff trained in CF care at every visit. Visits are scheduled for every two to three months for each person with CF and more often if needed.

Things to expect at each visit are:

  • Pulmonary function testing (for children 5 and over) and review of airway clearance, nebulized medications, and equipment with a respiratory therapist
  • Review of medications and education sessions with nurses who specialize in CF
  • Nutritional evaluation and assessments by the dietitian
  • Access to a social worker who specializes in care of the family with CF
  • Access to a certified teacher who specializes in advocating for patients with CF in the educational system
  • Access to a research coordinator who will review your or your child’s qualifications for ongoing studies and research news

Once a year we will perform a comprehensive health evaluation which will include additional testing to monitor vitamin levels, liver function testing, and overall health.

After each visit, you will be given an after visit summary that includes our findings and recommendations from the visit.

We follow the CF Foundation’s guidelines for care, which are evidence based.  These guidelines are available online at:

What to bring

Please bring your insurance information and some form of ID (for example, driver’s license) to every appointment.

We would like all of your visits to our clinic to be efficient and rewarding, and would recommend you bring a few activities for yourself or your child such as magazines, books, or a small toy. We do not have shared books or toys in or clinic area due to infection control concerns.